Offbeat Review - “The Crustaceous Capers”

Crustaceous Capers is a crystallized expression of the band’s newfound commitment to goof around and have fun, thumbing their noses at the jazz police…


Moving And Grooving: Joshua Gouzy Is Fostering Friendships In A Dozen Bands

“A member of 12 New Orleans bands, Joshua Gouzy gigs at least seven days a week…”


My Music: Russell Welch

“I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, where my father was a musician and a lawyer. He was always playing banjo and trumpet and guitars…”


Offbeat Review - “Live at the Spotted Cat”

“If all 65 minutes of this CD were recorded at the same set, and the Spotted Cat was as crowded as it can get, one can only hope there was a doctor in the house…”


Offbeat Review - “Louder Than Last Time”

“Louder Than Last Time is a lively, danceable, well-balanced, and overall solid recording, the perfect memory to take home after a boisterous live show…”